Friday, November 26, 2010

Grandma Renee's Birthday and Thanksgiving

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Grandma Renee! We went to a movie and out to Texas Road House for dinner....Brox was a gem, he seriously watched the whole movie. We love you Grandma!

This is all of us about to head to bed~~we had cooking to do the next morning, so a sleepover was voted on...agreed on...and thanksgiving was a hit. Thank you for having us!
This is Brox's sweet Great Grandma Barron taking a turn on Thanksgiving day...everyone loved baby boy and he loved everyone! Thank you to the many helpers who loved and held him!

Before I continue this post, I would like to confess~"Tummy Time" is basically non-existant; a few minutes here, a few minutes there. It usually ends with him screaming and crying, not exactly a fun experience like most moms talk about. But we're trying.. so tonight I put him on his belly...this time he didn't cry, instead he just went to sleep. Talk about taking matters into your own hands.

This is the day after Thanksgiving and can I say THE SECOND DAY OF SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT....IN BROX'S OWN BED! Luckily he still appears to love us even though he's been kicked out of our bed...for the most part.

Monday, November 15, 2010

3 months

The Past 3 months have literally flown by...really, this little man has grown up so fast. I have to admit that I still tend to think of him as a's only when I see those brand new babies that I have to silently admit to myself that he's no longer that brand new babe we brought home from the hospital. This past week I had to 'retire' his onesies and jammies that just don't fit anymore and it was strangely slightly painful. On the other hand, it is so exciting to see him grow and become excited about the world around him. He loves smiling and 'talking' and has recently been introduced to his new friend the Bumbo... (Thank you Abby B) He loves to watch me cook (talking me through much of the process) and sit at/on the table in front of Brigg and me while we eat... He loves to otherwise be propped up like he's sitting or standing on his own, he gets the funniest proud smile on his little chubby cheeked face. He's now been to his first movie theatre movie and since has enjoyed catching glimpses of the tv screen at home...embarrassing to admit as a parent. And oh yes, he still sleeps in our bed for the most Brox 3 Parents 0... as evidence of the following picture, he knows what he's doing eh? He's sleeping much better and has slept through the night a few times, but typically wakes up once or twice a night. He loves to cuddle still and Mama couldn't love it more. He also loves rattles, books, smiling and talking...not being on his tummy...not Thai food:( and not his crib. Maybe next month:)
So while the past three months have in fact been the fastest of my life, it's been such a fun experience watching this little loved one grow and we couldn't be happier having him as our newest addition. Here's a bit of the last 3 months

This is that very outfit he came home in...obviously not a newborn...and I would like to call your attention to the little Brox poops on our bed spread...I've learned that little babies don't have bladder control and just because you're changing their diaper doesn't mean it's become off-limits to go to the bathroom.

This was Brox's first college swimming meet for uncles Michael and McKay...Brox was excused from the picture:)

Oh yep, still in the place of preference...sleeping in or on our bed. This day he had to have been particularly tired, he fell asleep with his arms outstretched.

I was flipping through our camera and found this~so cute! Grandma Barron was babysitting him and he obviously had fun:)

Ah, just love him:)

After his first bath as a 3 month old:)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

SEcond StaR on the RigHT, StraiGHt on TiL MoRnING...and BYU football

Brox's very 1st BYU football game...coincidentally the cougars had a good showing...I think Brox and his little uniform were inspiring perhaps:) And possibly the fact that he didn't cry once during the whole experience~it's debatable.

Here's Brox aka Peter's first reverse order for the day~sorry I'm not taking the time to switch it.

Happy Halloween:) Luckily, the day before the 'real' Halloween~which was absolutely freezing~We went to Marianne's (aka the doc) school for their 6th grade carnival then to our home ward's Halloween party (with McKenna aka Tink) So he got to wear his Peter Pan outfit...Just a side note, can I say that my mom was incredibly talented? She always made our costumes and did an awesome job, trying to be domestic and 'momish' I dared to create my first Peter Pan costume...nearly killed me. One word~Love:) And yes, those are real tights...dyed green (thank you Marianne for your brilliant idea as to how to do this)
I can't believe I'm putting the brothers doing their crazy faces~this is a classic example of negative reinforcement when trying to encourage a normal picture every once in a while:)
ANd I LOVE that we caught this on camera~~I LOVE YOU~~:)