Monday, November 19, 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's about time

Why hello, have we met? I'm not sure, I believe that I stopped blogging many moons ago but nearly every day (not exaggerating) wish that I hadn't. Life has (as it apparently does) flown by, days start and end without me taking a second to really document how incredible our lives are. We have a lot to catch up on. So you remember this baby?
He's now this baby... And wow, he is sure growing up. "Blast it all Peter Pan!"
While I will fully admit that this brown eyed blonde hair boy of mine does in fact try my patience...or the patience I thought I, he is such a unique fun little man. I am so grateful for him and his 'impish' ways. So a little bit about our days: Mom goes running, comes home sweaty and gross...Brox is awake, so mom goes and saves him from his crib (yes still a crib, judge all you want) He says, "HI MOM!! GOOD JOB!!...wet..?" You would've thought I'd run a marathon with the gusto he says 'good job!' and he doesn't like to be wet because he literally lifts his arms away from his body, barely allowing me to pick him up out of his bed~in total disgust of my filthy sweaty body. He runs in to Brigg with the same gusto yelling "HI DAD!HI BRIDGETTE!!" (who has probably been awake for the last few hours) He still loves pancakes, and a moment of silence for the dead griddle. I'm sure it committed suicide thinking it did NOT sign up to be breakfast lunch and dinner creator. Well good news, found a new one at a garage sale, yay. $5 bones, can't beat it:) Brox loves the 'animal store' (petsmart) he loves to eye the animals he'll never have. The other day we went and a ferret was trying to play with him through the glass. It hadn't been adopted in a long time (we know this from previous trips) and I said, "oh, poor ferret." Later that day when telling Brigg about our travels he said, " oh, and poor berret". Barrett is a friend we have here in Houston and is a happy 1 yr old:) Brigg was very confused. He loves to go on "dates" which means to McDonalds where he gets to have some of Mom's "spicey drink" and play in the play place. I will attribute his weight gain to their chicken nuggets and parfait combo. And by weight gain don't get your hopes up, bless him, but he's in the 10th percentile for height/weight. Not much of an eater this one. He loves to play swords and will dictate if we are cap't hook or peter pan. Today I asked if I could be Wendy or Tinkerbell or a Mermaid. He said Bridgette was a mermaid. So I got Tink. Lame. He likes to eat by him"self" and is mastering the fork and spoon. He also has us pegged and will declare himself hungry when we tell him it's time for bed. His favorite cereal is "Pebbles" and I'm sure you can guess what those are, yes the sugar filled dye covered fruity pebbles. Little does he know that he gets whole milk, flax seed and extra eggs in his pancake mix. So there. He loves Bridgette, calling her "Bridgetta" or "Bridgey" lucky for him she LOVES him. She is getting so big and yet I still think of her as my baby! She is 7 months old and loves to eat solids as much as Brox. Sad this is limited to baby puffs and minuscule pieces of said food...which by the way she shoves fist fulls of into her mouth if allowed to. She loves to eat paper, munch on toys, pull Brox's beloved blankies and now play peek-a-boo while she pulls the blanket off her eyes. She is a super smiley baby and loves to giggle, her favorite is patty-cake. She like ice cream and I can't help but feel a bit white trash every time I feed it to her at costco. Bridgette loves to be with people and recently took up wimpering when she's annoyed that you've left or if she wants something. She also is quite a war cry yell. Funny thing is she is typically just saying hi:) Yesterday she displayed her new talent of boycotting her passy,it's crazy how she learns to do things so quickly. She loves to blow bubbles and is quite good at getting herself soaked in a matter of seconds. Oh we love love love these babies!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Bridgette S. Barron 7 lbs 15 oz 20" long Born April 10, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Well it's about time we announce....We're having a baby girl! Due April 14th:)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You are the cream filling...

Well needless to say I've been a terrible's to new year's resolutions...hopefully this one lasts longer than all those people who swarm the gym for two weeks then get frustrated they don't look insta fab and settle in to wait for next year's January 1st.

So many important life events have happened and really I don't know where to start but here are Brox's 14 month pictures that can finally be posted because they were long intended as surprise christmas gifts....Love them!! Thank you so much to my talented older sister Marianne!

Brox is nearly 17 months old and I really can't believe it. He is such a little hoot, he is definitely his own man. Right now he is continuing on with his waffle (whapple) kick and of course the ever trusty "TOOOOAST". He gets special waffles and toast~eggs and whole milk are snuck into the mix and his toast is literally lathered with sweet cream butter~under doctor's orders...he's a bit picky and doesn't like to eat...he is not mirroring his mother on this subject.
He loves all things fruit snackish/leather and has recently had his first took him about 2 oreos to realize that he could just eat the cream filling and give the cookie back to mom. I'm running out of fattening foods to give him... when I'm not trying to make him a butter ball or a diabetic for that matter he loves cream'o wheat for breakfast along with whatever we have in our cereal bowl~currently he LOVES rice chex. He loves apples, grapes, blueberries, whipped cream (by itself...the 'pshhhh' kind as we call it) and freeze dried bananas and strawberries. That's all that's coming to mind....oh and ice cream. Wow...anyone else notice the lack of beloved veggies?~anyone with any help here, please do share your secrets.
He still loves to play basketball and has taken to really trying to 'dribble' which is hilariously cute. He has loved the Christmas season and all of the "cheese" decorated with lights. I think if our tree wasn't fake that it would've burned down due to light overuse. He loves to ride his rocking horse like a jockey, complete with bringing his knees up high. He loves animals and recently we fed the ducks at a nearby pond...he was brave enough to try to personally feed the starving things...he enjoys swinging, running around with any sort of ball...or making something into a ball. He loves to read books and sing the eensy weensy spider and will try to do the finger it. He LOVES his aunts and uncles and can be convinced to get over any crocodile tears if we say they're names to him. He likes to find little spots that are perfect for his little rumpus and will slowly back up and sit so proudly...stairs, a little lawn chair he got for christmas, small boxes~you name it, he's doing a slow squat to try it out. It makes us chuckle every time.
Words he says: (he is a CHATTER BOX and will if necessary give you the what for complete with bending over slightly and pointing at you...I hope this is not him copying his mom.
Milk (still hates it)
happy (his passie)
teeth (he prefers to brush his own teeth...complete with running his toothbrush repeatedly under the facet)
ball (of course)
hoop (he'll point EVERY single one out that he sees...walking down the street is often very entertaining)
treats...loves most chocolate, peppermint, suckers and sour things.
(He'll call us from another room and vaguely add in the statement, "where are you?"
Baby...LOVES all the babies! Especially his cousins Graham and Damon ( the Damonater) ;)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!

Can't believe it~Brox is not only 1 but is actually nearly 14 months~ahem, his mom is awesome at updating. But not to mince words, here's the belated birthday post!

Broxton! You are so big these days! You learned to walk 2 weeks before your birthday and have been running with your 'fast shoes' his nike shocks ever since. You have had 8 teeth since before your birthday and are quite the chomper~one of your favorite words is "ouch" so you'll try to coax it out of the victim holding you~typically by using those pearly whites...we're working on it.:) You sleep through the night in your own crib!...even sleeping in til about 8 then coming in to bed with Mom til sometimes 10am... ya this kid is awesome... too bad his bed time is not the typical 8 though so don't be too green with sleep envy.
You LOVE to swim but if it's even possible, you love even more to shoot your mini basketball through your little tikes hoop (Brigg had this picked out months before his birthday he couldn't wait to give it to him!) or truthfully one that is a 'big boy' hoop..complete with the 'big boy' ball that dwarfs you into looking like Calvin from the comic series Calvin and Hobbes....needless to say shooting it into those 'big boy' hoops is a little dicey when your mom isn't exactly wnba material...Brigg is very much taken advantage of when this situation arises:)
You love to eat anything and then nothing at the same love grapes~also a favorite word. Other words you say are:
Plus A LOT of chattering! You are a little chatterbox!
But you know what many other words mean, you'll pick your favorite books out of your book shelf, you know exactly what 'outside' means and would literally be out there all day if you could, you love Graham the baby and insist on being very close to him and showering him with 'loves'. You are so good at cooperating with the many requests of family for more of those loves:) You love to cuddle and in the mornings especially we'll get an arm draped over us or our face held in your hands...I'm going to miss this phase when it's over. You are possibly the best morning person (if it counts as morning at 10 am) but can be a beastie if you miss any of those naps thereafter.:) You love the park and the swings especially...You love to go on walks and runs (a little too few and far between sadly):) You are such a sweet boy and we love having you in our family, it wouldn't be complete without you! Love you best boy!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Be~Lated Happy Birthday Brigg!!

This may or may not be the theme of our lives but here is the LATE Happy Birthday post:)
Brigg turned 25 this go around, he's officially a quarter of a century, 2.5 decades...old:) It's a real bummer that we're away from family in the summer and I feel like Brigg always gets the shaft as far as family celebrations so we tried to make it up to him....
Complete with a rice crispy tennis ball cake and cup cakes....a true sign of love from a wife who doesn't play the 'gentleman's sport' and instead is a heathen and enjoys running etc.

I did a terrible job of taking pictures, but hopefully Brigg had a good day though there isn't much documentation...
Here's the some of reasons why we're glad you're our Dad and Husband limited to 25:
1. You make us laugh~though we shouldn't admit it too often, wouldn't want you to get a big head:)
2."You are crazy, actually insane"
3. You LOVE your meat and potatoes~you know what you like, what you want and work hard to get it.
4. You're a hard worker, actually probably one of the hardest hard workers we know
5. You share your "snacks" slushies and anything remotely good with a 10 month old
6. You don't seem to get sick of playing with Brox...ever
7. You love us:)
8. You love God
9. You love funfetti frosting~it's the one guilty pleasure I've ever seen you indulge in, I know you're really splurging when i catch you eating the funfetti out of the can...don't worry friends, it's not used for frosting desserts, he's got his own 'go to' jar resting in the fridge for when he needs it most.
10. You enjoy sports
11. You're competitive
12. You aren't very good at cards...sorry love...but it's really fun for me to actually beat you at something.
13. We're both competitive, therefore a good match:)
14. You are great at cooking german pancakes and cup water 2 cups rice:)
15. You're still the best at singing in the shower....excellent resonation...I think this is where Brox gets the idea to yell in all environments leaning toward the slightest hint of an echo...Sacrament meeting is a real winner here.:)
16. You have a realistic but optimistic attitude, you've got a real talent for seeing it half full.
17. You like to learn...not in school, but you're interested in learning new things
18. You take criticism very well...I'm sorry when it comes from me!
19. You're very patient with EVERYONE!
20. You avoid criticizing others, you're a great example to me
21. You are a good coach~willing to look for the best in people
22. You're a great listener
23. You give an honest opinion...enter in disclaimer~home-cooked meals don't always fall under this
24. You've put up with Brox in our bed for months because (I think) I claim that I get a better night's sleep that way. Thanks
25. You bought a pack and play for mother's day so now Brox can sleep in his own bed while we're away from home...turns out I sleep better when he's NOT in the bed:)

We Love you for so many reasons, we're excited to get to spend so many more birthdays with you and add to our list!:)
Happy Happy Birthday Love!