Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby!

Can't believe it~Brox is not only 1 but is actually nearly 14 months~ahem, his mom is awesome at updating. But not to mince words, here's the belated birthday post!

Broxton! You are so big these days! You learned to walk 2 weeks before your birthday and have been running with your 'fast shoes' his nike shocks ever since. You have had 8 teeth since before your birthday and are quite the chomper~one of your favorite words is "ouch" so you'll try to coax it out of the victim holding you~typically by using those pearly whites...we're working on it.:) You sleep through the night in your own crib!...even sleeping in til about 8 then coming in to bed with Mom til sometimes 10am... ya this kid is awesome... too bad his bed time is not the typical 8 though so don't be too green with sleep envy.
You LOVE to swim but if it's even possible, you love even more to shoot your mini basketball through your little tikes hoop (Brigg had this picked out months before his birthday he couldn't wait to give it to him!) or truthfully one that is a 'big boy' hoop..complete with the 'big boy' ball that dwarfs you into looking like Calvin from the comic series Calvin and Hobbes....needless to say shooting it into those 'big boy' hoops is a little dicey when your mom isn't exactly wnba material...Brigg is very much taken advantage of when this situation arises:)
You love to eat anything and then nothing at the same love grapes~also a favorite word. Other words you say are:
Plus A LOT of chattering! You are a little chatterbox!
But you know what many other words mean, you'll pick your favorite books out of your book shelf, you know exactly what 'outside' means and would literally be out there all day if you could, you love Graham the baby and insist on being very close to him and showering him with 'loves'. You are so good at cooperating with the many requests of family for more of those loves:) You love to cuddle and in the mornings especially we'll get an arm draped over us or our face held in your hands...I'm going to miss this phase when it's over. You are possibly the best morning person (if it counts as morning at 10 am) but can be a beastie if you miss any of those naps thereafter.:) You love the park and the swings especially...You love to go on walks and runs (a little too few and far between sadly):) You are such a sweet boy and we love having you in our family, it wouldn't be complete without you! Love you best boy!


  1. one already!? Im so excited to see you all for Thanksgiving! I already talked to Presley and she has decided to not be sick this trip and be super fun! Woohoo! Love you!

  2. I can't believe how BIG he is! I haven't seen him for so long. He is so handsome! Glad you guys are doing well!

  3. When did this happen!!? He's adorable!!! Happy Belated Birthday!!