Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's about time

Why hello, have we met? I'm not sure, I believe that I stopped blogging many moons ago but nearly every day (not exaggerating) wish that I hadn't. Life has (as it apparently does) flown by, days start and end without me taking a second to really document how incredible our lives are. We have a lot to catch up on. So you remember this baby?
He's now this baby... And wow, he is sure growing up. "Blast it all Peter Pan!"
While I will fully admit that this brown eyed blonde hair boy of mine does in fact try my patience...or the patience I thought I, he is such a unique fun little man. I am so grateful for him and his 'impish' ways. So a little bit about our days: Mom goes running, comes home sweaty and gross...Brox is awake, so mom goes and saves him from his crib (yes still a crib, judge all you want) He says, "HI MOM!! GOOD JOB!!...wet..?" You would've thought I'd run a marathon with the gusto he says 'good job!' and he doesn't like to be wet because he literally lifts his arms away from his body, barely allowing me to pick him up out of his bed~in total disgust of my filthy sweaty body. He runs in to Brigg with the same gusto yelling "HI DAD!HI BRIDGETTE!!" (who has probably been awake for the last few hours) He still loves pancakes, and a moment of silence for the dead griddle. I'm sure it committed suicide thinking it did NOT sign up to be breakfast lunch and dinner creator. Well good news, found a new one at a garage sale, yay. $5 bones, can't beat it:) Brox loves the 'animal store' (petsmart) he loves to eye the animals he'll never have. The other day we went and a ferret was trying to play with him through the glass. It hadn't been adopted in a long time (we know this from previous trips) and I said, "oh, poor ferret." Later that day when telling Brigg about our travels he said, " oh, and poor berret". Barrett is a friend we have here in Houston and is a happy 1 yr old:) Brigg was very confused. He loves to go on "dates" which means to McDonalds where he gets to have some of Mom's "spicey drink" and play in the play place. I will attribute his weight gain to their chicken nuggets and parfait combo. And by weight gain don't get your hopes up, bless him, but he's in the 10th percentile for height/weight. Not much of an eater this one. He loves to play swords and will dictate if we are cap't hook or peter pan. Today I asked if I could be Wendy or Tinkerbell or a Mermaid. He said Bridgette was a mermaid. So I got Tink. Lame. He likes to eat by him"self" and is mastering the fork and spoon. He also has us pegged and will declare himself hungry when we tell him it's time for bed. His favorite cereal is "Pebbles" and I'm sure you can guess what those are, yes the sugar filled dye covered fruity pebbles. Little does he know that he gets whole milk, flax seed and extra eggs in his pancake mix. So there. He loves Bridgette, calling her "Bridgetta" or "Bridgey" lucky for him she LOVES him. She is getting so big and yet I still think of her as my baby! She is 7 months old and loves to eat solids as much as Brox. Sad this is limited to baby puffs and minuscule pieces of said food...which by the way she shoves fist fulls of into her mouth if allowed to. She loves to eat paper, munch on toys, pull Brox's beloved blankies and now play peek-a-boo while she pulls the blanket off her eyes. She is a super smiley baby and loves to giggle, her favorite is patty-cake. She like ice cream and I can't help but feel a bit white trash every time I feed it to her at costco. Bridgette loves to be with people and recently took up wimpering when she's annoyed that you've left or if she wants something. She also is quite a war cry yell. Funny thing is she is typically just saying hi:) Yesterday she displayed her new talent of boycotting her passy,it's crazy how she learns to do things so quickly. She loves to blow bubbles and is quite good at getting herself soaked in a matter of seconds. Oh we love love love these babies!

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