Thursday, August 26, 2010

He's here!!!

7lbs 3 oz 19 inches of beautiful healthy baby!

A dear friend once shared with me her belief that there are times when we have experiences and thoughts just cannot be described...and while they can't be described, they do sometimes manage to escape our mouths in the form of a blissful sigh. Simply put, words cannot do whatever it may be due justice. Think back to some of the most touching experiences of your life and you will most likely remember one of those unintentional sighs finding it's way in. When words are inadequate, there are sighs of happiness, sadness, gratitude, love, loss, and everything else in between... Here is to one of the 'happiest sighs' in our life times~ Our little Brox was born on August 10th and we have absolutely fallen in love with him.

And to the words that I will never be able to speak or write that could possibly convey the overwhelming sense of gratitude and love for this sweet little is another happy-sleep deprived but entirely blissful sigh. :)

~And I have to put in a little side note-can I just say thank you to you husband-first that you read our blog, second that you had the plan to sweetly surprise me, third that you took the time to figure out how to post, and fourth and most importantly~that you have the best rose colored glasses on when you look at me:) I love you so much for that.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Don't Know How She Does It

I am not sure how to blog or what to say on a blog, but I know the password my sweet wife uses to do this blog, so I am going to throw something in to surprise her. She is an angel, a saint, a perfect women, sent down to earth to save me from myself. I don't understand how she puts up with me, but bless her heart, she does. I get nervous to leave her for more than a couple hours because I am positive that one of these times God is going to pull her up, straight up translation, because she is so perfect. Without her, I am nothing, literally a lump on a log, with a very thick beaver pelt on my head. She is the only one to keep me happy, excited, and calm. I am rather intense, competitive, stressed, and easy to blow up, but she keeps everything constant and steady, just like the Savior would do. She is also incredibly beautiful, not just her good looks, but everything about her is beautiful. Sometimes I wonder how I was lucky enough to snag her. The best thing I ever did was trick her into marrying me, hahaha, she thought she was going to get someone normal, little did she know that I am absolutely crazy. But a good side note to my insanity is that I am crazy about her. Sweetheart, you are my angel, I love you so much that I can barely focus during the day. Little Broxton was blessed with the best mom in the world, thank you for raising our cute little champ, and thanks for raising your other big kid, me. I love you, I lub you, and I lub ya lub.