Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Be-Lated Anniversary~

Well we've officially achieved the 2 year status as far as anniversaries go!...which is so nice to officially have surpassed what people consider the 'honeymoon stage' and good news~we still love each other and actually enjoy being around each other. I feel like we qualify as a 'real' married couple because of this~which is odd I know. But everyone who is in the same relatively newly married boat knows exactly what I'm talking about; people only think that you enjoy being around each other because you've still yet to complete one full rotation around the sun together while simultaneously living in the same house and sharing the same shampoo. So here's to you my dear Beaver Pelted Man~I love you and look forward to many more 'qualifying' anniversaries:)
Some things we've done together this past year in their respective categories:
Most death defying/stupid:
Dangled our feet over the edge of the Grand Canyon
Lone Ranger:
Crossed 8 states together, living in 3 for the summer
Most responsible:
Got our very own cell phone plan
Got our very own insurance policy.... thank you Dad for keeping us on yours for so long:)
Least Responsible:
Still haven't combined bank accounts
the list goes on and on in this category:)
Most Domestic:
Melynne made 2 quilts...well really half of each, so 1 quilt let's say:)
Least Domestic:
Had our very WORST meal-Melynne charred some chicken in the crockpot (who knew that could happen)-more like incinerated-our entire apartment smelled like we'd cremated someone.
And a whole lot of 'new experiences'
Held our first child Bridger; laying his sweet little body to rest in the Angel Gardens in the Provo City Cemetery
Welcomed home a dear missionary:)
Got a fake christmas tree (can you believe it?) but hey, it was free:)
Both computers died/got eaten by an apparently deadly virus,
Became official mac users,
Met and made many new friends that we hope to keep for our lifetimes,
Strengthened some family ties that we will be forever grateful for,
Enjoyed an overwhelming amount of blessings that came in many different forms...
Ok the list goes on and on....but suffice it to say that without you babe, things wouldn't have been nearly as exciting. Happy Anniversary Love!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Surprise Surprise! There have been some busy bee's up here in Montana this past week-and by that I mean Jamie, Abby and Maria.:) These totally sweet friends of mine threw me and baby boy Barron a surprise baby shower this past Friday. They were very covert in this operation using the cover of lunch and a movie...brilliant-what pregnant woman doesn't want to go out to lunch?:) And of course with such great company? Ally-you were very much missed!
I was entirely caught off guard and didn't even know what to say, I mean they even made a darling diaper cake complete with little baby accessories...DaRLiNG! I am honestly so touched by their thoughtfulness and am so grateful for their kindness. THANK YOU LADIES for spoiling us, that was such a sweet surprise!