Monday, June 21, 2010


Happy Father's Day! To My Dad~anyone who knows him know's that he really is the gentle giant...though don't tell my little sisters' boyfriends~the intimidation factor is still important there....Anyone who also knows my Dad knows that he is always helping others. I can't tell you how many times around dinner time that my mama would send one of us kids out to scout the neighborhood to find Dad-it was simple, look for whoever is knee deep in dirt digging a trench or a sprinkler system or maybe changing their brakes or whatever auto part~my dad was there, whether as the brute strength or brains of the operation...or both. People around the block and down our street and throughout our ward counted (and still do) on his 'jack of all trades' abilities. So in light of that, here's the following poem~

The following poem should be sung to "row row row your boat":)
"Thanks, thanks, thank you Dad
Thanks for all you do!
Hugs and Kisses, Hugs and Kisses,
Come from me to you!"

Thank you Dad for all that you do and all the time you spent (spend) working your brains out to provide for all of us wee ones. Thank you for the hours at the track working on starts/drills/running or time spent showing me how to lift 'properly'. Thank you for the advice and support that you've given me throughout my life time, thank you for your encouragement as we'd all travel across the country for various athletic events:) Thank you for making it possible for me to go on all those trips! Thank you for fixing my car up all the time so it will pass inspection:) Thank you for your quiet manner and patience. Thank you for listening, and most especially thank you for loving me and being a one-in-a-million Dad. I love you and hope you had a great Father's Day!

I would also like to include my Father-in-law in this post; thank you for all you do for the two of us and most especially~ Thank you for raising the son that is my eternal your credit, he's one of a kind:) I love you...little champ is still swimming laps in there, if you can believe it:) No hints of basketball being played yet while in-utero:

Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial Day

I've put off doing this post for the sole reason of inadequacy. Inadequacy in relaying my feelings of the day and most importantly inadequacy of being able to write a memorial to our little angel baby that could ever sum up the complexity of feelings we have of his being a part of our family. Growing up, a conversation surrounding the topic of true love could always be surmised with one sentence, "you don't understand now, just wait until you have your own children..."
Growing up we had an evening ritual, brush teeth, rinse with 'swish-swash', prayer, kisses, then off to bed. We'd call goodnight as we'd make the trek to our beds leaving mom and dad to enjoy being adults for a few minutes of the day. (Or sometimes choose this time to unleash the news that we'd need 2 dozen cupcakes by tomorrow morning for a class party or this case it was more of a 'retreat' to bed:) While still in earshot, I would follow with three words/phrases, "Goodnight, Love you, See you in the morning," even into teenage years-which brought mixed remarks from my parents-mostly chuckles with what I'm sure were mixed with thoughts of exasperation. And though it was a daily ritual and can be viewed as less than genuine, it always brought a sort of closure and peace to the day for me-that my parents knew that I loved them and looked forward to seeing them in the morning and that by saying those words, they knew that would always be the case.
I think that in this case, this memorial day, I would like to say to our little Bridger, our Angel Baby, "Goodnight, Love you, See you in the morning."

Thank you to all of those who supported us and visited his sweet little resting place, it is appreciated more than you realize.