Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Be~Lated Happy Birthday Brigg!!

This may or may not be the theme of our lives but here is the LATE Happy Birthday post:)
Brigg turned 25 this go around, he's officially a quarter of a century, 2.5 decades...old:) It's a real bummer that we're away from family in the summer and I feel like Brigg always gets the shaft as far as family celebrations so we tried to make it up to him....
Complete with a rice crispy tennis ball cake and cup cakes....a true sign of love from a wife who doesn't play the 'gentleman's sport' and instead is a heathen and enjoys running etc.

I did a terrible job of taking pictures, but hopefully Brigg had a good day though there isn't much documentation...
Here's the some of reasons why we're glad you're our Dad and Husband limited to 25:
1. You make us laugh~though we shouldn't admit it too often, wouldn't want you to get a big head:)
2."You are crazy, actually insane"
3. You LOVE your meat and potatoes~you know what you like, what you want and work hard to get it.
4. You're a hard worker, actually probably one of the hardest hard workers we know
5. You share your "snacks" slushies and anything remotely good with a 10 month old
6. You don't seem to get sick of playing with Brox...ever
7. You love us:)
8. You love God
9. You love funfetti frosting~it's the one guilty pleasure I've ever seen you indulge in, I know you're really splurging when i catch you eating the funfetti out of the can...don't worry friends, it's not used for frosting desserts, he's got his own 'go to' jar resting in the fridge for when he needs it most.
10. You enjoy sports
11. You're competitive
12. You aren't very good at cards...sorry love...but it's really fun for me to actually beat you at something.
13. We're both competitive, therefore a good match:)
14. You are great at cooking german pancakes and cup water 2 cups rice:)
15. You're still the best at singing in the shower....excellent resonation...I think this is where Brox gets the idea to yell in all environments leaning toward the slightest hint of an echo...Sacrament meeting is a real winner here.:)
16. You have a realistic but optimistic attitude, you've got a real talent for seeing it half full.
17. You like to learn...not in school, but you're interested in learning new things
18. You take criticism very well...I'm sorry when it comes from me!
19. You're very patient with EVERYONE!
20. You avoid criticizing others, you're a great example to me
21. You are a good coach~willing to look for the best in people
22. You're a great listener
23. You give an honest opinion...enter in disclaimer~home-cooked meals don't always fall under this
24. You've put up with Brox in our bed for months because (I think) I claim that I get a better night's sleep that way. Thanks
25. You bought a pack and play for mother's day so now Brox can sleep in his own bed while we're away from home...turns out I sleep better when he's NOT in the bed:)

We Love you for so many reasons, we're excited to get to spend so many more birthdays with you and add to our list!:)
Happy Happy Birthday Love!