Friday, May 27, 2011

9 months

Proof he sleeps in his pack and play

Our first official Mississippi Crawfish Boil

Brigg's Birthday cake:) Post yet to come

At the park feeding the fish

Brigg's birthday

Brox in the 'coming home from the hospital outfit' a little too tight:)

Thank you Aunt Marianne for my new tennis outfit, complete with sweats:) I now match Graham:)

Mother's Day gift~Brigg got me a pack and play so little man can have his own bed while we're out for the summer..THANK YOU BABE! Pay special attention to the feet sticking out from UNDER the box.
I'm Big like You:) Brox likes to kick things and especially has a small infatuation with my feet and shoes...I finally let him wear them...

Official 9 month picture

Going outside swimming...Loved it

Ok rather than make an excuse for not updating my blog, I'll just prolong carpal tunnel and post what I would've posted earlier this month...
Brox is now 9 months, it is unreal to me how time has flown, this little man is the 'best boy'. We just love him! And while I realize that this is a common statement among parents, I feel like we love him more:) Love for me this past month is having your little boy lay his head down on you because even though we're surrounded by pillows he'd rather be close to you. Love is him wanting to be near you when you're cooking, cleaning and getting ready for the day....even if that means he's playing yet again with some dumpy measuring spoons etc, it's still fun because he's with you. Love is when he tries to pretend laugh just to get you to laugh with him...kind of sounds like a pirate:) Love is when he grabs your face and brings it his; love is when he pauses whatever he is doing to give you 'loves' ~ his version of a kiss which are of course open month kisses, haha~just because you asked for one. Love is him laying his head down on your shoulder while you're carrying him or maybe him staring at you for a long time just because he wants to. Love is him wanting to wrestle~his version includes him even play biting~. Love is him being willing to go with the flow, since we're on more of a schedule (I'm a terrible mom, he's 9 months and we just got a nap schedule down) he's happy to do most anything and any time. Love is him wanting to wear your sunglasses because as of now, Brigg and I are pretty cool still:) Love is a lot of things, but love for us is mostly this little man:)

Not crawling yet, has two teeth, is finally sleeping through the night, in his own bed~awesome:)~ Likes to eat: Yogurt, 'snacks'~thank you Finley for introducing us to these delightful morsels~rice, bread, strawberries, watermelon, pancakes/waffles, lemons/limes, sweet potato fries, ICE CREAM~thank you papa:) oh and he hates all baby food veggies...still