Thursday, April 14, 2011

I hope they call me on a Mission....And they did!!

My youngest brother finally got his mission call this Wednesday! I say finally because we thought it was coming a few weeks earlier so each passing wednesday we would all check in with home base to see if the post office had called...well they called....the envelope was picked up....and with anxious family sitting around it was opened....

EVERETT, WASHINGTON!!! Set to leave July 20th!
We all had our guesses....and to put in my 'sister' thought~because we know wherever his call, it's going to be where he is most needed~ but I'd hoped for a temperate climate....the older of the two bro's Michael and my Dad had to deal with unreal humidity... my guess was San Diego....but sheesh WA??? On the coast? Wild Blackberries growing on the road? Mid temps year round?! WOw. I'm way excited for you...we might show up sometime during these next two years.
We are so so excited for this opportunity for you Hobbler, you're going to be a great missionary. We know that you will have a great opportunity to help people who are searching for something more in their lives by being able to share the sweet message of the restored Gospel here on the earth, of forever families, a living Prophet and of our loving Savior Jesus Christ. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!