Sunday, March 20, 2011

7 months

Hi, my name is Brox. I don't speak yet but I can write...who knew:) My Mom has apparently given up on blogging almost as much as she has given up on feeding me that disgusting food that comes in mini jars....oh and making me sleep in my own bed:) I'm 7 months old now and I love all sorts of things, let me tell you a little about myself: I enjoy walks outside~if there was a beach near by that would be my first choice but currently I'm impartial to the park~ I like to read books and am starting to get the hang of turning pages for mom when she doesn't turn fast enough. I'm really pretty much the best at sitting all by myself and playing with my cool toys, maybe I'll look into crawling sometime next month?? If I can fit it into my schedule of course. I like going to Hobby Lobby with Mom and anyone who she can rope into coming with her...mostly my aunt which is fun, she makes me laugh...and she's cooking my cousin in her belly right now so I'm excited whenever I get to see her. I am super good at growling and yelling....for some reason everyone laughs at this when really I'm just trying to tell them various stuff....they don't listen, just keep laughing...very frustrating as you can imagine:) I like to swim....I've been a few times and when mom isn't looking I take a few champion swimming strokes...I've almost got the flip-turn down. Maybe by the time I decide to crawl I'll get it mastered. Which brings me to another point, I like to take steps a lot! The whole being on your belly thing really is for the birds...I prefer to be on my feet or chewing on them while sitting. I also like to cook with mom, I'm pretty good at keeping her on task by banging my measuring cups/spoons on my bumbo tray.
For those of you that were worried, I'm the picture of health now and as of today am eating regularly again...which is great because my handsome boy jeans were hanging on my not so wide hips by a thread. I'm going to try lifting, I hear that's all the rage...or maybe baby push-ups are a good start. I really am enjoying myself these days, I love to laugh but I know how to hold a great poker face.
Really, me and Mom, we got something good; we get to play all day and wait for Dad to come home. He cracks me up, I know exactly what it sounds like when he unlocks the door and I always turn my head to listen to him yell for me. Yeah, he's pretty cool....still trying to convince him that the king size bed has enough room for all of us in it. Well, gotta go, it's bed time. Peace out.