Tuesday, January 18, 2011

5 months! and Christmas...

Ok seriously I'd tell him to smile and viola...what a ham:)

New Year's Day, Brox's first time miniature golfing

First time bowling! Sorry to say...didn't win...or come close even.
2.5 years~We're always gone in the summer so we miss our anniversary. So we improvised and had our top layer a year and a half late but hey better late than never I suppose:)
Bronson and Kell constructing their "Grinchmas" houses

Christmas Day!!

I'm guessing about 16 pounds and maybe another inch? So a grand total of 25" for little man. I can't believe how fast this is going. Sure do wish that the pregnancy part went this fast....his personality is coming through more and more so here's the update
Brox's loves:
1. His hands! He loves to munch on them whenever he can; both hands or just one at a time though he starts with his left, he is an equal opportunist.
2. Using his left hand to grab everything
3. Drinking out of mom and dad's cup
4. His dear dear passy...he loves to pull it out and then try to put it back into his mouth. Which usually means him getting frustrated with being poked in the eye again.
5. He rubs his eyes and covers his face when he's tired
6. Our bed
7. Putting his hands behind his head when he's bathing or just relaxing
8. Going on walks
9. Kicking in the bath~definitely the swimming side coming out:)
10. Grabbing your face when he wants to cuddle
11. Eating
12. Talking in the morning and late at night
Brox hates:
1. Baby food...all the kinds
2. Animal crackers...all the kinds
3. Juice...all the kinds
4. Cribs...all the kinds
5. Limes-thank you Aunts:)

It's only January 18th and it seems like Christmas was an eternity ago. Christmas decorations have been put away-though our tree still remains looking naked and quite forlorn without any decor on it(thank you 2 bedroom apartment...it's waiting to be transported to a much roomier Grandma's house until next year). And I find myself thinking where did the time go? I hate snow already and it's mid January. So to try and refluff some christmas cheer into our lives here's our Christmas post:)

Christmas was fun and sad for the same reason this year~with everyone growing up and moving out, the odds of having all of our family members around on Dec 25th is getting less and less likely. On the King side we were all so happy to have everyone home for the first time in 2 years. Sadly on the Barron side~Mike,Bree and babies you were very much missed, though we entirely understand-we will cross our fingers for next year:)
Growing up I remember people commenting on the size of our family (7kids) Barrons(6 kids) whenever we ventured out of the state on vacation we were a total anomole...it was almost a game to see who could find the passerby counting the number of heads that made up our King/Barron clan. Despite the chaos of so many people and personalities together, I as well as Brigg wouldn't trade it for the world. When we're together we have so much fun, each person in our family is unique~to put it lightly:)~ and when one person is missing, it is obvious. And though we were entirely spoiled this year by our parents on both sides, the best part of Christmas was being able to enjoy it with everyone most including the newest addition Brox~who hands down was the recipient of what seemed like half of Santa's workshop.
Thank you to everyone for the thoughtful gifts we received, we are grateful for the thought and effort you went to in creating and finding things that you knew we'd enjoy. We are most especially grateful for your love. Merry Merry Christmas:)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My cool crib...not

Ok before I do the Christmas post I have spare moment that I would like to use to appeal to all those moms out there. Why a spare moment?-this is day 4 of letting Broxton cry himself to sleep...things have not improved as far as him accepting the fact that he sleeps (or is supposed to) in a little boy bed and not the larger bed that coincidentally belongs to mom and dad. It could be the new memory foam top that Brigg graciously gave me for Christmas...it's definitely not helping convince Brox of the 'coolness' of his own bed. Maybe he claustophobic with the wooden bars surrounding him? Those don't exactly speak 'happy place' to me. And apparently not to him because I've done this entire post with him screaming himself to sleep in his crib...baby wise maybe not so wise?:)