Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Baby Brother

A little background story to the following: my brother Michael returned from his mission in May and is currently at the Y going to school...and is swimming on their swim team. He, like both of my brothers, is a good combination of quiet and outgoing, confident yet very humble...
We've finished making Christmas Countdowns and he's coming down the stairs asking my older sister if she happened to have a needle and thread. Marianne coincidentally did not but we asked why...he proceeded to come down the stairs nonchalantly saying, "because I'm ripped." And so he is:)
And he's currently single.:)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Big Papa and Brox 4mths

Happy Birthday Big Papa! This is the designated name for my dad-bestowed upon him by Brigg:) This guy is 6'6" and has the most massive hands you'll ever find...and just as an FYI has passed on this trait:) The first comment Brigg made on our first date after getting in the car was, "Wow, your dad has huge hands." Apparently he'd given Brigg the talk of, "this is my princess, don't do anything dumb," and followed it with a good solid hand shake...who'd mess with something like that? It apparently worked because Dad gave Brigg the same talk when he asked him if he could marry me. Thanks Dad for always looking out for us as kids, making sure we were involved in sports and working our hardest. You and mom have done a phenomenal job of teaching us how to work hard and enjoy it. Thank you for being a good sport with all of my crazy ideas to build/redo stuff, thanks for calling and saying hi while out traveling, thanks for your patience when little Brox has reached his limits:) Thank you so much for all you've done for me and my new family. We Love YOU!!! Happy Birthday Papa:)

These are Brox's Great-Grandma and Grandpa King

Sleepover! Fish came to visit and was such a great Aunt! She helped bathe 'Best Boy' after a suprising blowout-she's the youngest and hasn't ever had to deal with so much uh...baby poop. You could say it was a little shocking for all of us:)

Picture with Uncle McKay and of course, the lucky Machete. Thank you Nacho Libre for inspiring my brother to make such a purchase.

Broxton's first cereal experience...not exactly well received.

But as you can see, he's not exactly wasting away:)

Auntie Morgan...can you see those pointsettias in the back? Well the twins grew them! From seeds! They're beee-uuu-teeee-ful.

Run Run Run as fast as you can, you can't catch me...I'm a rice crispy treat...a giant one. We made our traditional King-Christmas-Countdowns this past week, who's excited for Christmas? I'm pretty excited about the fact that our Christmas countdown also ends with a york peppermint pattie...and the small detail that we get to eat Broxton's:)

My handsome BYU boys...wish the game would've turned out a bit better for you...Brox even wore the lucky jersey. Cripes.

Helping Mom do the laundry.

Before cereal...

After cereal.

So for those of you who care...Brox typically starts out the night in his crib but due to shear laziness on my part...ok and self-indulgence...I don't take him back to his crib after he's been fed and changed...but who could resist a face like this? I don't care what other people say, he's the best cuddler in the world and babies are only babies once...:)